Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Don't forget to read the rules!

I was going to enter this in the Threadess Loves Horror contest, but I realized too late that I used too many colors. I felt like I wasn't using too many, but I still had thirteen in the end; the limit is eight. I don't care though, I got a good piece out of it. I've never really drawn much blood and gore. It's actually pretty fun. It was interesting trying to decide how much was too much; where that line was. It is a picture of a zombie eating brains after all.

Should this have won, I would have to make a proper vector image out of this.I think I want to, but that also means I'll have to face my nemesis, Adobe Illustrator in a battle of wills. Who will win?

1 comment:

ray said...

came out nice. hope it ends up on a t-shirt.