Thursday, October 29, 2009


It's no secret that I love zombies, and I love playing Left 4 Dead. I thought it would be fun to make some of pixel art of one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite games. I had fun making this, and I might make some more of these featuring some of the other special infected and characters while I anxiously await Left 4 Dead 2. Nov 17th can't come soon enough. I can't wait to smack away at the zombie hoardes with a frying pan :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

To do list...

...Finish this illustration at some point. I've had this color rough laying around for a month or so already. I'm thinking maybe posting it will help get me motivated to finish it. I started work on the final, but got distracted by some other things; and now my friend wants me to do some artwork for his band. Will the Jezebel illustration ever get finished? Stay tuned to find out :) Found a couple Colors! paintings I had lying around as well.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

iPhone paintings

Tried doing some painting on my iPhone today using Autodesk's new Sketchbook app. I'm fairly happy with the results. The stylus I got is definitely a lot better than trying to use your finger, but the mushy tip still makes it a bit imprecise. Maybe I just need to get more used to it, but trying to do some fine line work seem kinda tough. Not bad though. Having layers, undo, and redo are awesome. I just wish it had a brush size preview instead of the brush size as a number. Maybe next release. (fingers crossed)